Cardinal Koch takes part in the International Symposium on the Augsburg Confession

31 Oct 2019

2019 10 31 Confessio Augustana

On 12 October 2019, at the International Symposium “Die Confessio Augustana im ökumenischen Gespräch” (The Augsburg Confession in Ecumenical Dialogue) organized by the European Melanchthon Academy in Bretten, Germany, Cardinal Kurt Koch delivered a paper entitled “Die Katholische Kirche und die Confessio Augustana” (The Catholic Church and the Augsburg Confession”) in the abbey church of Bretten.

The President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity paid tribute to the fundamental catholicity of the Augsburg Confession and also outlined the conditions necessary for possible recognition. “If it were possible to reach a consensus firmly committing ourselves to the fundamental themes of the Church, the Eucharist and the ministry”, stated Cardinal Koch, “an important step would be taken in view of visible ecclesial communion, which is and must remain the goal of all ecumenical efforts, also in the dialogue with ecclesial communities originating in the Reformation, and therefore the study of the Augsburg Confession can be of great help”.

At the conclusion of the symposium on 13 October, Cardinal Koch presided over the Eucharist in the parish church of St Stephen in Karlsruhe, where he delivered a homily entitled “Dank – Glauben – Mission” (Gratitude – Faith – Mission ) from an ecumenical perspective.