Disciples of Christ-Catholic International Commision for Dialogue

26 Jun 2024

From 21-25 June, the International Dialogue Commission Between the 'Disciples of Christ' and the Catholic Church held its third session of the sixth phase in Grand Prairie, TX, USA.

The general theme of the current phase is "The Ministry of the Spirit" (2 Cor 3). During this third session, the Commission reflects upon the grace given in ordination, a personal and communal gift with the help of three papers prepared by Catholics and Disciples.

 As stated in the press release, quoting the Catholic co-chair, " By exploring the topic “A Personal and Communal Gift,” despite our different origins, theologies and approaches, we were given the opportunity to recognize the action of the Holy Spirit within our two communities, in particular through our respective understandings of the ordained ministry. Growing in relationships with one another over the years, both Catholic and Disciples members of the Commission can really understand the approach of each church in a clearer and more helpful way. The goal of this dialogue is full visible unity. This is not a very quick process but is bearing good fruit in mutual growth toward unity."

The Commission is co-chaired by Bishop David Ricken, Diocese of Green Bay, USA, and Revd Robert Welsh, Indiana, USA, and assisted by Revd Paul Tché (Disciples Ecumenical Consultative Council- DECC) and Msgr Juan Usma (DPCU) as co-secretaries.

The previous meeting of the Commission was in June 2023 in Rome.