Meeting of the Baptist-Catholic International Dialogue

19 Dec 2022

The Baptist-Catholic International Dialogue held the fifth session of the current phase in Rome, from 11-17 December 2022. Co-chaired by Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli (USA) and Dr Elizabeth Newman (USA), the dialogue is co-sponsored by the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) and the Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity (DPCU). The meeting, the last of the current phase, was devoted to finalizing the report entitled, “The Dynamic of the Gospel and the Witness of the Church Today”.

Pope Francis met privately with the commission on December 14. There were interesting exchanges after the word of greeting pronounced by Rev Tomás Mackey, BWA elected president. The commission met with Cardinal Koch at the premises of the DPCU to update him concerning the process, results and challenges of the current phase of dialogue. During the visit to the DPCU, both Cardinal Koch and Rev Elijah Brown, BWA General Secretary, expressed their interest in the completion of the report and the continuation of the dialogue.

Previous reports of the conversations between the Catholic Church and the BWA are “Summons to Witness to Christ in Today’s World” (1988) and “The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church” (2013).

Baptist members of the commission are: Dr Elizabeth Newman (Co-chair, USA); Dr Derek Hatch (USA), Rev. Dr Glenroy Lalor (Jamaica), Rev. Dr Tomás Mackey (Argentina), and Rev. Dr Lina Toth (Lithuania/UK); Rev. Dr Paul S. Fiddes (UK) attended virtually. Dr Valerie Duval-Poujol (France) participated as consultant, and BWA Director of Integral Mission Rev Everton Jackson (Jamaica/USA) represented the BWA staff. Rev. Steven Harmon (USA) served as Co-Secretary

Catholic Members of the commission are: Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli (Co-Chair, USA), Dr Peter Casarella (USA), Rev. Dr Stephen Fernandes (India), Rev. Dr William Henn OFM Cap (Italy), Rev. Prof. Przemyslaw Kantyka (Poland), Sr Dr Marie-Hélène Robert NDA (France), Rev. Dr Jorge A. Scampini OP (Argentina), and Sr Dr Susan K. Wood SCL (USA/Canada). Msgr Juan Usma Gómez (Colombia/DPCU) serves as Co-Secretary.



Photo with Pope Francis © Servizio Fotografico | Vatican Media