International colloquium on “Liturgy of the Hours in Early Lutheranism”

7 Oct 2022

An international colloquium on “Liturgy of the Hours in Early Lutheranism” took place in Berlin on 5 and 6 October 2022. The first results of a research project led by Professor Dorothea Wendebourg (Faculty of Protestant Theology, Berlin) and Professor Andreas Odenthal (Faculty of Catholic Theology, Bonn) were presented.

The development of the early Reformation liturgy of the hours in continuity with and new approach to the medieval heritage is an important example of “doxological ecumenism”. This focus, also relevant for future Catholic‒Lutheran dialogue, is less about “spiritual ecumenism” than about the theological significance of the liturgy.

Reverend Father Augustinus Sander, OSB, staff member responsible for relations with the Lutherans, participated in the colloquium on behalf of the Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity.


Photo: Rex David, in: Breviarii Berlin 1577, fol. 1v (ULB Halle, AB B 2611 (1)/VD16 ZV 2500) Collegiatae Ecclesiae Coloniensis […] Pars prima […]