“Ecumenism in a Time of Pandemic: From Crisis to Opportunity”. A working paper of the PCPCU

20 Jan 2022

On Thursday 20 January 2022 the Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity published a working paper on the consequences of the current pandemic for ecumenical relations.

Entitled “Ecumenism in a Time of Pandemic: From Crisis to Opportunity”, the text summarizes the outcomes of a survey undertaken in 2021 among the Bishops’ Conferences and Eastern Catholic Synods.

After analysing the opportunities of the pandemic for relations among Christians, as well as the negative impact, the document identifies a range of challenges that the ecumenical movement faces in a post‒pandemic world.

The document aims at offering an initial contribution to reflection in the hope that it may promote further discussion and stimulate dialogue at all levels with other Christians.

Available in English (original text), French, and Spanish, the paper was presented during an ecumenical panel at the Institute for Ecumenical Studies of the Angelicum as part of the "CRISIS" research program.