Cardinal Koch attends zoom meeting with representatives of the World Jewish Congress

24 Nov 2020

A zoom meeting was held on 23 November 2020 gathering senior representatives of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and Vatican officials. Participants expressed their strong commitment to strengthening ties between Jewish and Catholic communities globally. The forum included among other exchanges a conversation between Cardinal Kurt Koch, President of the Holy See’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, and Claudio Epelman, WJC’s Commissioner for Interfaith Dialogue and Executive Director of the Latin American Jewish Congress.

In his address, Cardinal Koch reflected, “With our shared patrimony, we have a common responsibility to work together for the good of humankind … to work for justice and solidarity, reconciliation and peace”. Cardinal Koch also referred to the recent celebration of the 55th anniversary of the promulgation of the Second Vatican Council’s Document “Nostra aetate” (no.4).

The conference was organized by Claudio Epelman and Reverend Norbert Hofmann, SDB, Secretary of the Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews.


Pope Francis and Cardinal Koch speak with representatives of the WJC (from left) , Claudio Epelman, Jack Terpins and Ronald S. Lauder, WJC President, together with Reverend Father Norbert Hofmann, SDB, 3 September 2013.

(Photo © Servizio Fotografico | Vatican Media)