The Pontifical Council represented at the Third “Somos Um” Conference in Rio de Janeiro

30 Sep 2019

The Third International Conference of Praise and Worship "Somos Um", jointly convened by Catholic leaders (Mr Izaías Carneiro of the Coração Novo Charismatic Community) and Pentecostal Evangelicals (Pastor Edvaldo Jose do Nascimento, member of Nova Igreja, Rio), was held in Rio de Janeiro from 16–22 September 2019. All the participants, including the leaders of both communities, signed a “Letter of Intentions” outlining the shared principles and practical approaches to promote the unity of the Body of Christ through fraternal relations, prayer and witness inspired by the Gospel.

The signatories included Cardinal Orani Tempesta, Archbishop of Rio, and Bishop Francisco Biasin, on behalf of the Episcopal Conference of Brazil (CNBB); for the Pentecostal Evangelicals, Bishop Abner Ferreira, President of the Assemblies of God of the State of Rio, and Pastor Bené Gomes, Nova Igreja, Rio de Janeiro. Monsignor Juan Usma, Section Head, attended on behalf of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. Many lay Catholics and Pentecostal Evangelical pastors of various communities also participated. Taking into consideration the aspiration of many to adhere to the “Letter of Intentions”, the organizers have foreseen the possibility of the virtual signing of the letter.