Visit of “Gathering in the Holy Spirit 2022”

30 May 2022

On 27 May Monsignor Juan Usma Gómez, Head of the Western Section of the PCPCU, met with participants of the initiative of the Centro Pro Unione “Gathering in the Holy Spirit 2022”, who were accompanied by Reverend Father James Puglisi, SA, and Professor Teresa Rossi. During the visit, Pastor Patrick Sparrow, Equippers Network Worldwide, USA, and Deacon Johannes Fichtenbauer, Umkehr zum Herrn, Austria, co-presidents of the group of leaders of Catholic Charismatic leaders and leaders of the New Charismatic Churches (NCC), outlined the outcomes of the meeting. The participants, belonging to various NCC networks and Catholic ecumenical and charismatic communities, numbered about 50 from nine countries, among which were three observers. The exchange with Monsignor Usma focused on possible themes, method, importance and future of relations between the Catholic Church and the New Charismatic Churches.