Conversations between PCPCU and New Charismatic Churches

23 May 2022

On 23 May Conversations were held with a group of representatives of the New Charismatic Churches (NCC) at the office of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (PCPCU). The meeting, co‒presided by Bishop Brian Farrell, PCPCU Secretary, and Dr Richard Roberts, International Charismatic Consultation, UK, offered an opportunity to update on the reception of the text “The Characteristics of the New Charismatic Churches” (2018) and to discuss the future of the Conversations, which are envisaged biennially  in conjunction with the initiatives “Gathering in the Holy Spirit” of the Centro Pro Unione.

The NCC delegation comprised Mr Bob Garrett, Alleluia Community, USA; Reverend Patrick Sparrow, Shouts of Graces Church (Cluster Apostolic Network), USA; and Mrs Linda Ward, Ecumenical Lead for the Pioneer Network of Churches. The Catholic side was represented by Father James Puglisi, SA, Director of the Centro Pro Unione, Rome, and Monsignor Juan Usma Gómez, Head of the Western Section of the PCPCU.