Visit to PCPCU of group from United Evangelical Mission

11 May 2022

On 9 May Monsignor Juan Usma Gómez, Head of Western Section, received a group of leaders from the United Evangelical Mission (UEM). The study trip, dedicated to the theme “The intercultural Church and global migration movements”, was led by Pastor Luca Baratto of the Waldensian Church in Italy, a partner of the UEM. The visit to the PCPCU offered the opportunity to learn about the ecumenical work of the Catholic Church worldwide, as well as the current trends and challenges of the ecumenical movement. The United Evangelical Mission is an international fellowship of churches in Africa, Asia and Germany.

The group comprised Bishop Msafiri Mbilu, (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania); Frauke Bürgers (UEM, Partnership and Education); Mrs Annette Salomo (Evangelical Church of Westphalia, Germany); Pastor Almut van Niekerk (Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, Germany); Bishop Alex Gehaz Malasusa (Evangelical Church of Tanzania); Pastor Simpon F. Lion (Evangelical Church in Kalimantan, Indonesia); Pastor Volker Martin Dally (UEM Secretary General); Professor Leepo Johannes Modise (United Reformed Church in Southern Africa, South Africa); Pastor Krismas Barus (Protestant Karo Batak Church, Indonesia); Bishop Jered Kalimba (Anglican Church of Rwanda); and Pastor Andar Parlindungan (UEM, head of department for Training and Empowerment).