Symposium on liturgical movements and reforms

29 Nov 2021

A symposium on the theme "Der Volksgedanke in den liturgischen Bewegungen und Reformen – eine ökumenische Revision“ (The Idea of the People in Liturgical Movements and Reforms – An Ecumenical Revision) was held at the Campo Santo Teutonico (Vatican) from 24‒27 November 2021.

Reverend Dr Augustinus Sander, OSB, staff member of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and responsible for the dialogue with the Lutherans, took part in the event, which was organised by the Roman Institute of the Görres Society (Msgr Prof. Dr Stefan Heid) and the "Fachhochschule der Diakonie" in Bethel, Germany, (Prof. Dr Markus Schmidt) in cooperation with the Melanchthon Centre Rome (Prof. Dr Martin Wallraff) and the Liturgical Conference of the Evangelical Church in Germany / EKD (Prof. Dr Michael Meyer-Blanck).