Conferral of Ut unum sint Diploma

22 Nov 2021

On 19 November 2021 Cardinal Koch, President of the PCPCU, conferred the ‘Ut unum sint Diploma in Ecumenical Studies’ to the students of the Ut unum sint course who successfully completed the programme. Congratulating the students on their diploma, Cardinal Koch spoke of the work of the PCPCU and current ecumenical challenges.

On the same day, the new students of the course attended the second session of the 2021‒2022 academic year dedicated to the Catholic principles of ecumenism. The unit included lessons on the Ut unum sint encyclical (Professor Andrzej Choromanski), on the Unitatis redintegratio decree (Professor Teresa Francesca Rossi, Angelicum) and on the Ecumenical Directory (Professor Juan Usma Gómez, Angelicum).

The session offered the students the opportunity to visit the PCPCU, and to attend the lecture of Professor Myriam Wijlens within the context of the Tillard Chair.

The “Ut unum sint” Diploma is a course of ongoing formation in ecumenism inaugurated in 2019 on the 25th anniversary of the encyclical Ut unum sint and organized jointly by the Angelicum Institute for Ecumenical Studies and the PCPCU. The programme, which is offered both on–campus and online, comprises 16 units, undertaken on Friday–Saturday monthly, for two years. Each thematic unit consists of three lectures, an ecumenical visit and a lecture with an ecumenical leader (Tillard Chair).