Visit of Working Group of New Apostolic Church

6 Nov 2021

On 28 October the Working Group "Contacts with Denominations and Religions" of the New Apostolic Church visited the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (PCPCU) Apostles* Kühnle, Pfützner and Camenzind as well as Bishop Johanning informed Reverend Father Augustinus Sander, OSB, staff member of the PCPCU, of current theological developments in the New Apostolic Church and the possibilities of further ecumenical networking.

In July 2021, after a lengthy process of theological clarification and the publication of a new catechism, the New Apostolic Church Switzerland joined the "Riva San Vitale Declaration" on the mutual recognition of baptism


* "Apostle" is a designation commonly used in the New Apostolic Church for leading ministers.