Rome, Italy, January 29 – February 1, 2009


In Rome, the second in a series of informal ecumenical conversations took place between the Salvation Army and the Catholic Church.

The delegation representing the Catholic Church included Bishop Brian Farrell, Secretary, Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (PCPCU); Rev. Brendan Leahy, Professor of Theology, Maynooth Catholic University, Dublin; Dr. David Crawford, Professor of Moral Theology and Family Law, Pontifical Institute John Paul II for Studies on Marriage and Family, The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. and Reverends Gosbert Byamungu and Gregory J. Fairbanks, PCPCU. The delegation representing the Salvation Army included Commissioner William W. Francis, Territorial Commander; Commissioner Linda Bond, Secretary for International External Relations; Lieut-Colonel Massimo Paone, Officer Commanding Italy and Greece; Lieut-Colonel Richard Munn, Principal of the International College for Officers and Centre for Spiritual Life Development and Secretary for International Ecumenical Relations and Colonel Michael Marvell, Officer for European Ecumenical Relations.

The principle topic for discussion was how each side viewed Divine Revelation. The Catholic position was represented by a paper delivered by Rev. Brendan Leahy and the salvation Army side was represented by a paper delivered by Lieut-Colonel Richard Munn. Minor papers and introductory conversations were held on the subject of how each side viewed Social Justice doctrine and practice. The Salvation Army presented a paper by Colonel Michael Marvell and the Catholic Church presented a paper by Dr. David Crawford.

The conversations ended this round by agreeing to meet again in Spring 2010 in London to further mutual knowledge and discuss the topic of each community understanding of Salvation, beginning with the respective understandings of justification.


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