Pope Francis reflects on Christian unity in his catechesis at general audience

24 Jan 2020

Udienza Francesco

During his general audience on Wednesday 22 January, Pope Francis dedicated his catechesis to “hospitality”, the theme of this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The Holy Father stressed that "hospitality is an important ecumenical virtue, as above all it means recognizing that other Christians are truly our brothers and sisters in Christ". He continued by saying that "welcoming Christians also means welcoming what God has fulfilled in their lives. Ecumenical hospitality involves the desire to know what experience other Christians have of God and to embrace the ensuing spiritual gifts... Working together to practise ecumenical hospitality, especially towards the most vulnerable, will make all Christians – Protestant, Orthodox, Catholics, all Christians – better human beings, better disciples, and a more united Christian people …We must bear witness to the fact that each and every person is precious to God and loved by Him”.